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What are hypnotherapy and hypnosis ?

Hypnotherapy is a therapy under hypnosis. The hypnotic state is an altered state of consciousness which is reachable when people are fully relaxed, both  physically and mentally. Hypnosis is a natural state of consciousness we all experience on a daily basis.
It’s like daydreaming or the feeling of being absorbed in a book or in a movie. We focus intently on the subject at hand and we decrease awareness of the things around us. It’s this light hypnotic state that hypnotherapy amplifies.
This altered state of consciousness offers to both the person and the hypnotherapist an easy access to the person’s subconscious mind and it helps the reception and the activation of the therapeutic suggestions which aim is to help you to overcome problems and difficulties.

My services :
•Receipts for Insurance Coverage available
•Hypnotherapy belongs to the family of naturopathic treatments.
•Sessions of hypnotherapy are all individuals.
•Generally, the frequency of sessions is one per week.
•The number of sessions depends on the problem, on the duration of the problem and its anchoring, on your motivation, etc
•The sessions last approximately 1 hour. The first one is the longest ( approximately 1h15).
Hypnosis can help you to overcome problems such as :
– Stop smoking
– Permanent weight loss
– Stress, anxiety
– Self-esteem
– Self-confidence
– Depression
– Phobias, fears
– Insomnia
– Pain management
– Behavioral disorders
– Eating disorders
– Dependences
– Skills, performances
– Allergies
– Others…

Questions you should ask :

Who could be hypnotized ? Everybody has the ability to enter in a hypnotic state.

Do people under hypnosis lose control ?
No, they don’t. The hypnotherapist doesn’t take control and a hypnotized individual isn’t unconscious. Actually, the person is conscious all the time even in a deep hypnotic state.

Can people be hypnotized against their will ? No, they can’t. In fact, hypnosis requires voluntary participation on the part of the subject. The hypnotic trance is the result of an efficient collaboration between the client and the hypnotherapist.

Certified by the EFPHQ (Ecole de Formation Professionnelle en Hypnose du Québec) and the NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists).
NB : For now, I can only perform in french.

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